Los Angeles Sex Crime Attorney

If you are looking for a reliable, experienced Los Angeles sex crime defense attorney, look no further. I am Robert Helfend, Attorney at Law, and I have been serving the greater Los Angeles region for over 25 years. I have successfully reduced criminal charges, thereby lowering the penalties for my clients. I have even acquitted some clients of felony charges. My reputation needs no defense.

A Promise You Can Count On

I have much experience in the area of sex crime defense. I have seen enough to know that attorneys should never give their clients meaningless promises which go nowhere and result in more harm than good. I am here to assure you that if you hire me as your sex crime defense attorney, I will fight for your legal rights to the best of my ability. I am fully committed to my clients, and I desire to help them achieve what is in their best interest. I have been doing this since 1984, and I am more than ready to do it again.

Reliable and Proven Los Angeles Sex Crime Defense

Sex crime charges affect not only the individual facing the charge, but also numerous other people. For this reason, sex crime charges can be highly significant and life-altering. If you are facing sex crime charges, it is imperative that you receive assistance from an attorney you can count on. I have been serving clients in the greater Los Angeles region since 1984, so I have many years of experience in the field. If you look at my track record, you will see that I have not only reduced charges, but also acquitted some of my clients of their charges. Some lawyers promise specific results. Such promises are neither professional nor productive. However, if you hire me as your personal sex crime defense attorney, I will defend your rights and uphold your case to the best of my ability. That’s a promise you can count on.

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