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Child Molestation
When an adult engages in sexual behavior with a child, he or she could be charged with child molestation. Charges of child molestation are no small matter. Not only is child molestation a federal crime; it is actually a felony throughout the whole United States. Even though it is a felony, it is nevertheless handled differently in the various state court systems. Learn more about child molestation.

Child Pornography
When a minor (a person who is not yet 18 years old) is sexually portrayed in a photograph or image, it is defined as child pornography. A picture or image of an unclothed child is considered pornography. Penalties for child pornography are weighty and could include life in prison. Read more about child pornography.

Date Rape
Date rate is sexual assault that was not intended or foreseen. Date often occurs after drug use or alcohol, but those factors do not negate the fact that the behavior is still defined as rape. The person who is raped does not have to verbally declare objection to the act for it to be considered rape. Read more about date rape.

Indecent Exposure
Indecent exposure occurs when a person exposes any private area on another individual who does not approve of the action. Indecent exposure is not considered sexual assault unless the acting party touches the exposed individual. The laws for indecent exposure vary across state borders. Read more about indecent exposure.

Internet Sex Crimes
The most common kind of internet sex crimes is by adults who use the internet to locate and communicate with minors. They seek to develop a relationship with the minor so that the minor grows to trust the adult, and the adult can make sexual advances toward the minor. The child does not see the adult’s actions as offensive. Read more about internet sex crimes.

Lewd Conduct
Lewd conduct is a federal offense in which a person engages in a particular behavior to try to stimulate sexual desires. The targeted response can be for the person engaging in lewd conduct or someone else. It encompasses a variety of sexual crimes, such as indecent exposure or prostitution. Read more about lewd conduct.

Prostitution is considered a crime throughout the United States (except particular regions in Nevada). Although state laws vary, it is generally true that making a profit through any sort of manipulative sexual behavior and act is considered a crime. Enforcement laws are not as rigid in inner-city locations. Read more about prostitution.

Rape occurs when a person overtakes another individual and forces sexual behavior against the overtaken person’s will. A person can force sexual behavior by pressuring the other person or indicating harm on the non-consenting person. Rape can occur in a marriage or between individuals who have known one another for any amount of time. Read more about rape.

Sexual Assault
Sexual assault can happen in a variety of forms. Contrary to popular thought, it is not limited to rape. Whenever a person approaches another individual sexually without the other individual’s approval, it is considered sexual assault. A person can commit sexual assault physically and/or verbally. Read more about sexual assault.

Charges of solicitation can be made when a person manipulates or convinces another person to commit a crime. Solicitation is a crime that produces another crime by inducing another party (that may be willing or unwilling) to commit a crime. Prostitution often involves solicitation. Read more about solicitation.

Solicitation of a Minor
The crime of soliciting a minor occurs when an adult convinces or manipulates a minor to engage in a criminal act. The solicitation could occur after the adult has already developed a relationship with the child, in which case the child may not understand the effects of the solicitation, such as is the case with internet sex crimes. Read more about solicitation of a minor.

Statutory Rape
Sexual contact between an adult and a minor—even is the minor consents—is called statutory rape. Statutory rape is categorized by the age difference or ages of the people involved. While statutory rape is a criminal activity throughout the United States, the states differ in some of their definitions and laws. Read more about statutory rape.

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