Los Angeles Internet Sex Crime Lawyer

A person who is under investigation for an internet sex crime or who has already been charged with an offense of this nature may face serious repercussions. The nature of these offenses may lead to ruined careers and social ostracism, not to mention the destruction of personal and professional relationships. With my experience as a Los Angeles sex crime attorney, I understand the profound impact that internet sex crime charges may have on a defendant. I am therefore committed to providing the level of hard-hitting defense counsel based upon a client’s unique needs and concerns. These cases have the potential to be highly complicated due to the involvement of the internet and computers. I have the resources to conduct an extensive investigation into all evidence involved, as well as the manner in which this evidence was discovered, collected and processed. I represent clients in Los Angeles and in federal district courts throughout the United States in the face of internet sex crime charges, including those that involve child pornography, solicitation of a minor and more.

Defense Attorney for Internet Sex Crimes in Federal Court

The internet reaches across state lines and national borders. As a result, many internet sex crime offenses may be charged in federal court. Federal agencies such as the FBI have extensive resources to apply to these investigations and federal prosecutors are often more experienced and aggressive than those on a state level. Federal Sentencing Guidelines place an added risk factor due to the harsh penalties that they allow federal judges to enforce.

Los Angeles Sex Crime Attorney

With my experience in both state and federal court, I can handle your case in either situation. Do not risk your future with an inexperienced lawyer who promises you the world. Work with an honest, experienced attorney who doesn’t make false promises but actually helps instead.

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