Los Angeles Sex Crime Attorney

Have you been arrested in conjunction with the alleged solicitation of a minor? This offense is typically associated with the internet, wherein an adult allegedly communicates with a minor in an attempt to solicit him or her for sexual activity. The adult may be accused of scheduling an in-person meeting with the minor or sending and receiving images or videos of a sexually explicit nature. A person who has been accused of solicitation of a minor may face serious repercussions. In addition to facing criminal charges and harsh penalties if convicted, a defendant will likely face a reputation placed at risk of ruin due to the nature of the allegations. This is why it is crucial to involve an attorney.

As a Los Angeles sex crime lawyer who is experienced in handling cases involving sex crimes against minors, I understand the sensitive nature of these charges. Once I get involved, I work immediately to conduct a thorough review of the situation to determine the best approach. I can conduct an independent investigation to determine whether there is even enough evidence for the prosecution to move forward with a case. I will work tirelessly to challenge the allegations you are facing in order to seek a dismissal of your charges.

Solicitation of a Minor Charges: Los Angeles Sex Crime Attorney

In an attempt to protect innocent children from harm, law enforcement officers and prosecutors are often quick to make up their minds about a defendant’s guilt. Their job, after all, is to put defendants behind bars, not prove or even consider their innocence. As a Los Angeles sex crime attorney, I will act as an advocate for your rights inside and outside of the courtroom to help you avoid a wrongful conviction.

Learn more about your rights in the face of these charges. Contact Los Angeles solicitation of a minor lawyer Robert Michael Helfend today and get the information that will help you make the right choice about your case.