In the face of an arrest and criminal charges you need to make sure that you are not only represented by your attorney, but defended by him as well. No doubt, you are looking for aggressive, experienced defense in the face of the criminal allegations that have been made against you, and I am here to provide you with just that. I, Robert M. Helfend, have been serving residents throughout Los Angeles and its surrounding communities in matters of criminal defense law for more than two decades. There is little if anything that I have not seen in regards to criminal arrests and accusations; and there is nothing that I am unwilling to tackle in the court of law on behalf of obtaining justice for my clients. From minor offenses that can be handled within the local court system to felony federal offenses, I am prepared to take on the legal aspects of your case.

I began practicing law in 1984, and have since dedicated my time to being a criminal defense attorney and have been able to help numerous clients with their legal needs. I recognize the flaws in the system and the ways in which these could contribute to unfair sentencing and misplaced imprisonment for those who have been charged with any type of offense in Southern California. I received by B.A. from University of California, Berkeley and directly went on to pursue law. Upon completing grad school at the Pepperdine University School of Law in 1983, I immediately chose to dedicate my entire practice to criminal law. I have been practicing in the field ever since. As a well-respected attorney, what you can find at my law firm that you might not find at others is 100% focus on your case from start to finish. I will not pass off your case to anyone else at any time. That being said, you can expect personal service from the minute you walk into the firm for your first consultation, to the days and weeks that follow your final settlement.

Member of the California State Bar Association

A criminal conviction will likely affect your life for years to come – a fact you are probably all too aware of. However, facing criminal charges does not mean that an automatic conviction will result. With the right defense on your side, there is great possibility to obtain reduced charges or even an acquittal. I can help you work towards these more favorable options. There is no telling how a court case will play out, so it does no good to make empty promises of guarantee as to the success of any given case. What I can promise you, though, is that my best efforts will be put into obtaining the most desirable outcome possible. You need only glance at my case histories to know that I have repeatedly and effectively achieved positive results for the clients who choose to work with me.

The situation that got you into this mess may be unique to your case, but the charges you are facing have been experienced by many before you – some of which I have played an integral role in defending. In my 25-plus years in the field, I have participated in more than 65 jury trials, many that reflect a high winning percentage. This is an uneasy time, I know, but it can be made easier with the help of an attorney such as myself; a professional with unwavering dedication to his clients, aggressive skill tactics, and a record for success.

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